Sailing Info. One-handed, high latitudes, and why all this?

One-handed sailing, sailing in high latitudes and why all this? These websites and books have inspired me, made me more courageous and almost certainly more knowledgeable. You may find more links and books in the German language section.


High latitudes


The Spray

Joshua Slocum. Sailing alone around the world

Joshua Slocum is a professional sailor and boat builder. He is everything I am not. Of course that’s impressive. But what I find most impressive is his determination. Twice he’s sailed the Strait of Magellan, life-threatened by squalls and violent natives. The first time, a storm on the Pacific Ocean blows him back towards Cape Horn. With a lot of luck he finds another channel into the Strait of Magellan and has to expose himself to everything for the second time. Unbelievable determined. His book is available as a free PDF download.